• Nosy Mag x Wall Space Gallery | Spoiled Lemons

    January 13 - 27

    Wall Space Gallery is pleased to host Nosy Mag's annual exhibition. 'Spoiled Lemons' features a curated selection of works in video, painting, and sculpture from leading Canadian contemporary artists.

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  • Horizons | Tanya Kirouac, Peter Rotter, Dan Ryan & Boyd Waites

    February 10 - 24 

    An exhibition of new paintings by four renowned landscape artists; Tanya KirouacPeter RotterDan Ryan and Boyd Waites. Each of these artists explore the use of the horizon line, in its stark presence or its abstract denial, to tether us to reality or allow us to drift into spaces of reverie. 

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  • Threading the Needle | International Women's Day Exhibition

    March 8 - 23 

    Elizabeth D'Agostino, Gosia, Noelle Hamlyn, Kelly Grace, Julie Liger-Belair, Ava Margueritte, Ava Roth, Florence Solis, & Rachael Speirs

    Threading the Needle
    celebartes a group of female artists exploring identity and world-building through story telling from the female perspective.

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  • Crystal Beshara Watercolour Workshop | Delightful Daffs

    Saturday, April 20 @ 2 - 5 pm
    Ticket sales will go live Satuday, March 23 @ 10 am.

    Join award-winning artist & international arts educator Crystal Beshara for this cheerful Spring-themed painting workshop. 

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  • Drift with Me Darling, January 6 - February 2

    Group show featuring our represented artists curated by guest curator Ava Margueritte.

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  • Brian Harvey | The Other Day, February 9 - March 4

    The latest solo-exhibition of Toronto-based painter Brian Harvey.

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  • Soft Bodies | Marianne Burlew & Brianna Gluszak, March 11 - April 4

    Working in their respective mediums, Burlew and Gluszak capture the vulnerabilities of social expectations and interactions in our contemporary world of digital communication.

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  • Vanessa McKernan | Revelation in the Garden, April 13 - May 6

    McKernan creates imagined spaces that encapsulate the tumultuous inner workings of the self and the fragility of relationships with the outer-world.

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  • David Lidbetter | Watercolour Collection, April 13 - May 6

    Wall Space Gallery is thrilled to feature a new collection of watercolour paintings from David Lidebetter.

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  • Regrowth | Spring Earring Showcase, April 13 - May 6

    A Spring jewellery showcase featuring One-of-a-kind earrings designed by six of our talented jewellers.

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  • Tiffany April | If You Discover Fire, May 13 - June 10

    Within this body of work, April explores Western post-human relationships to nature and technology within growing wildfire disasters.

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  • Stewart Jones | (RE) TRACE : NEW PAINTINGS, June 16 - July 8

    Jones captures scenes from his last year of travel between NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Prince Edward County, and Los Angeles.

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  • Gerald Penry | Graphic Standards and Architectural Anomalies, June 16 - July 8

    Through an intricate process of layered acrylic paint, Penry weaves images of impossible architectural structures.

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  • Amy Shackleton | Imagined Futures, July 15 - August 5

    This newest body of paintings depict hybrid spaces from locations around Toronto, Lake Louise, Colorado, Arizona, California, Chicago and Hawaii.

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  • Past & Present | Group Exhibition, August 12 - 26

    Past & Present features works by Crystal Beshara, Brandon McVittie, Drew Mosley, Ava Roth, and Rachael Speirs.

    Each artist in Past & Present draws from historical techniques, subjects, and artistic styles to address personal explorations in their respective mediums of embroidery, painting, and collage.

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  • Joy Kardish | Years Reimagined, September 9 - 30

    Wall Space gallery is honoured to present the latest body of photographic works of Ottawa-based artist Joy Kardish. Merging the worlds of historic photographic practices with contemporary technologies, Kardish captures the quiet way that memories transform as they grow with us, informing our sense of self.

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  • Ava Margueritte | Heaven must be light, September 9 - 30

    Wall Space Gallery presents Ava Margueritte's debut solo exhibition of photography, Heaven must be light.

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  • Richard Ahnert | What We Know So Far, October 7 - November 4

    Wall Space Gallery invites you to explore What We Know So Far, the whimsical world of Toronto-based painter Richard Ahnert.

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  • Nicole Krstin | touch, October 7 - November 4

    Wall Space Gallery is proud to introduce touch, the first solo exhibition of painter Nicole Krstin.

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  • Renaissance Zine 0006 Launch | Ottawa Design Club X Wall Space

    Wall Space Gallery hosted the launch of the 6th edition of the Ottawa Design Club zine!

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  • David Lidbetter | Impressions, November 10 - December 2

    Wall Space Gallery is proud to present Impressions, David Lidbetter's latest exhibition of contemporary landscape paintings. Lidbetter captures the quiet isolation of the Canadian wilderness. Drawing inspiration from the Ottawa-Gatineau region, he transports us into familiar moments where atmosphere and mood dominate.

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  • Nicole Allen | Beyond the Garden Gate, December 9 - 23

    Wall Space Gallery is proud to present the latest solo exhibition by Ottawa painter Nicole Allen. Beyond the Garden Gate explores flowers as an avenue of nonverbal communication and willing exposure of intimate feeling.

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  • Annual Bright Night Jewellery Fundraiser

    Wall Space was proud to support BEING Studio for this year's annual Bright Night Jewellery Fundraiser - a night of fine-crafted jewellery in support of a great cause! Thank you to all who supported - see you next year!

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  • Peter Colbert, Life And Colour, February 5-26

    As we continue to navigate our ever-changing world, Peter Colbert presents Life and Colour, a celebration of joy, vibrancy, and optimism.

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  • Eryn O’Neill, Travelling Vicariously: The High Line, March 5-26

    Exhibition draws attention to the transformation of the New York Central Railroad system.

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  • Group Show, New Perspectives, April 7-30

    Works by Ian Busher, Elizabeth D’Agostino, Brian Harvey, Vanessa McKernan, Brandon McVittie, Patti Normand and Manny Trinh

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  • Nicole Allen, Second Nature, May 12-30

    Nicole Allen lights up Spring with a new body of floral works.

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  • Nate Nettleton, Bright Before Me, June 9-30

    Nate Nettleton presents his latest body of minimalist inspired bright abstract wall-sculptures.

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  • Florence Solis, Doppelgänger, June 9-30

    Florence Solis continues her exploration of the figure informed by digital design and traditional portraiture.

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  • Claire Desjardins, Ready To Exhale, July 7 - August 8

    Focusing mainly on her Exhale series, Ready to Exhale explores the emotional passage of losing a loved one.

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  • Group Show, Stopping Place, August 13 - 27

    Ariane Beauchamp, Laura Culic, and Boyd Waites address our ever-evolving connections to the natural world.

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  • Stanley Wany, Remix, September 10 - 29

    Stanley Wany explores collective memory and the ties between mass media entertainment.

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  • Drew Mosley, Deimatic Behaviour, October 8 - 27

    Mosley forms fantastical narratives inspired by the study of natural history, mycology, ancient civilizations and social evolution.

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  • Dauma, Creatures Of Habit, October 8 - 27

    Dauma explores nature as a metaphor for the human condition and the ways in which human and nature are interconnected.

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  • David Lidbetter, Far & Further, November 3 - 24

    Through his distinct approach to contemporary landscape, Lidbetter celebrates the calm of the Canadian wilderness.

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  • Marianne Chenard, FLOT, November 3 - 24

    Chenard presents a body of photographic and installation works exploring the agency and impermanence of the natural world.

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  • Group Exhibition: Origins & Futures, December 3-23

    Closing 2022 with a group exhibition featuring new works by Laurena Finéus, Yomi Orimoloye, and Ranajit Sinha.

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  • Group Show, Being Again, January 14-30

    Martin Hyde, Julie Liger-Belair, Ava Margueritte, Florence Solis, and Eryn O’Neill. Reinvention, metamorphosis, and letting go.

  • Nicole Allen, Treading Water, February 6-27

    Nicole Allen expresses ideas of interpersonal connection through the language of flowers.

  • Group Show, You’re On Mute, March 6 - April 6

    This exhibition features the work of Joanna Baxter, Marianne Burlew, Ava Margueritte, and Marney McDiarmid.

  • Group Show, River Variations, May 27 - June 19

    Collaborative exhibition from Vanessa McKernan and guest artist Julie Gladstone.

  • Sharon Kelly, Hello Happy, June 24 - July 17

    Sharon Kelly is an abstract landscape painter following her love of the ocean and a pursuit of peaceful painted expressions.

  • Richard Ahnert, Homebound, June 24 - July 17

    The latest collection of mesmerizing anthropomorphic paintings from Richard Ahnert.

  • Group Show, Celebrations Of Summer, August 3-28

    Peter Colbert, Elizabeth D’Agostino, Erica Hawkes, Tanya Kirouac, Lori Richards, Ava Roth, Dan Ryan, and Amy Shackleton.

  • Dominique Normand, Low Tide, September 10 - October 9

    Where we find the treasures, the trails, the scars, the bones and the drifting objects...

  • Michelle Valberg, Eye To Eye, October 14 - November 6

    This collection commemorates Michelle Valberg’s recent expeditions throughout the Canadian wilderness.

  • Julie Liger-Belair, The Man Who Thought He Was A Mountain (And Other Parables), November 18 - December 24

    An exuberant collage collection created by multi-disciplinary artist, Julie Liger-Belair.

  • Group Show, New Works, February 8 - 29

    A collaborative painting experience by Ottawa-artist Peter Colbert and Toronto-artist Dan Ryan.

  • Group Show, Alternative Process, March 5 - April 11

    Featuring work from artists Marianne Burlew (Ottawa), Joy Kardish (Ottawa), Nicole Krstin (Toronto), and Ava Roth (Toronto).

  • Nicole Allen, Renewal, April 18 - May 2

    Nicole Allen presents her latest solo exhibition of stunning florals, Renewal.

  • Group Show, Fieldnotes Pt. 1, May 16 - June 13

    Julie Himel and Stewart Jones present an intimate view of new work, formed from shared sparks of observation and dialogue.

  • Ian Busher, Eunoia, June 18 - July 18

    The newest collection of works by Toronto-based artist Ian Busher.

  • Eryn O’Neill, Ottawa Underground, June 18 - July 18

    Ottawa Underground is an exploration of the infrastructure within the LRT stations in the city.

  • Amy Shackleton, Futures, August 8-29

    Shackleton explores the conflicting relationships between humanity and the environment.

  • Claire Desjardins, Love, August 8-29

    Abstract expressionist painter Claire Desjardins works with bold colour and organic forms to create engaging canvases.

  • Sherry Czekus, Come As You Are, August 8-29

    Czekus emerges herself into bustling crowds to capture the intertwining patterns of fabric, limbs, and human behaviour.

  • Crystal Beshara, Country Roads, September 9 - October 3

    Returning to her rural roots has brought clarity and created a powerful shift in Crystal Beshara’s latest paintings.

  • Feature, Stefan Thompson, September 9 - October 3

    Thompson brings forth a clay menagerie of small and fantastical critters, as well as sculptures, and large paintings on paper

  • David Lidbetter, September 9 - October 3

    The latest body of work by artist David Lidbetter.

  • Group Show, Gathering, October 8-31

    Celebrating new works from artists Alex Chowaniec, Vanessa McKernan, Manny Trinh, and Stanley Wany

  • Nathalie Grice, OMENS, October 8-31

    Grice turns her attention to the mythology, symbolism, and her own experiences, surrounding birds.

  • Kelly Grace, Silver Lining, November 7-28

    Grace’s paintings might be described as close-up views of faraway feelings; they wander between memory and fiction.

  • Brian Harvey, You Had To Be There, November 7-28

    You Had To Be There speaks to the enduring struggle to communicate the nature of personal experience.

  • Patti Normand, Otherworldly, December 5-31

    This exhibition features new works across a variety of media, including ceramics and painting.

  • Tiffany April, When You Sense The Forest Breathing, December 5-31

    April expands on post-humanist theories and explores a layered symbiosis between humanity and the natural world.

  • Stewart Jones, Landscapes For Film, February 8-28

    This collection highlights the artists ability to capture the essence and geometry of a place, and gives a nod to the artist’s cinematic past.

  • Group Show, #Balanceforbetter, March 8-30

    Featuring Ariane Beauchamp, Alex Chowaniec, Sharon Kelly, Lori Richards, and Marjolyn Van Der Hart.

  • Nicole Allen, Hush, April 6-25

    Hush speaks to the unspoken conversations flowers hold as we carry them over the threshold of the home and into our lives.

  • Elle Chae, Must Be The Neighbours, April 11-27

    Exploring home as a vital, yet transitory place, which is defined by its occupants and their ordinary interactions.

  • Group Show, Painting Alternatives, April 22-30

    Stefan Thompson + Jordan Seal celebrate the environment and Earth Day 2019 with this feature show of new works.

  • Crystal Beshara, To The Waters And The Wild, May 9-26

    This collection brings oil and watercolours together with a feature of her inspired florals, seascapes, and wildlife explorations.

  • Marney McDiarmid, Euphorbia, May 15-29

    Marney McDiarmid will be presenting her latest series of functional dinnerware featuring botanical flights of fancy.

  • Group Show, Contemporary Clay: Quebec, May 15-29

    Surveying the innovation and creativity happening within the fields of ceramics and contemporary art in the province of Quebec.

  • Group Show, All Things Considered, June 1-15

    Featuring paintings from Richard Ahnert and glass sculpture, jewellery and installation from Silvia Taylor.

  • Group Show, The Great Big Wall Of Smalls, August 10-31

    A gargantuan salon-style wall featuring dozens of our talented Canadian contemporary artists.

  • Claire Desjardins, Basking In The Glow, September 7-28

    Working in painting, her work focuses on gesture and colour, emphasizing energetic, animated brush strokes and bold palettes

  • Group Show, Body Of Work, October 5-26

    Body of Work: Featuring new figurative works by Gosia, David Lidbetter, Vanessa McKernan, and Stan Wany

  • Drew Mosley, Hellocene/New Beginnings, November 2-23

    Mosley forms fantastical narratives inspired by the study of natural history, mycology, ancient civilizations and social evolution.

  • David Lidbetter, Out There, November 30 - December 14

    This collection speaks to the harmony between his desire to push the envelope for modern landscape painting.

  • Nicole Allen, FLORAgraphic, February 1-18

    In this body of work Nicole has set out to interpret the balanced but beautifully random patterns and colours of the floral still life.

  • Group Show, Rewind. Replay. March 1-31

    Olivia Johnston, Julie Himel, Patti Normand, Marney McDiarmid, Marjolyn Van Der Hart, Lori Richards, Drew Mosley, and more!  

  • Brian Harvey, Sense Of Place, April 26 - May 13

    This body of work captures scenes from Ottawa and Toronto, Canada, as well as depictions of France and Portugal.

  • Group Show, LINGER And LURE, May 11 - June 3

    Sharon Kelly and Crystal Beshara explore the sensory and atmospheric influences of bodies of water.

  • Peter Colbert, The Valley, June 14-30

    “The Valley”, the newest body of work by Ottawa artist, Peter Colbert featuring abstract and figurative paintings.

  • Brandon McVittie, Recollection, July 5-22

    Featuring allegorical compositions, classic landscapes, and nods to his accolades as a historical and wartime painter.

  • Group Show, X: Ten Year Anniversary, September 14-30

    Celebrating 10 years with a 10-artist group show centring on a cross-medium examination of contemporary artistic talent

  • Manny Trinh, SAIGONIA, October 13-31

    Trinh combines the multi-faceted components of what builds homes, communities, and families.

  • Olivia Johnston, TREASURES, October 13-31

    Johnston speaks to the cathartic and enduring effects collecting has had on her personal and artistic psyche.

  • David Lidbetter, Transience, November 2-18

    This collection seeks to further establish the artist’s expansive talents in capturing the quiet and transient nature of modern Canada.

  • Group Show, Coast To Coast, December 8-31

    Erica Hawkes and Dominique Normand celebrate some of the beautiful coastlines this country has to offer.

  • Patti Normand, Dark Water, December 8-31

    Featuring the artist's signature dioramas that weave together the safe-houses of everyday life a surreal underside.

  • Group Show, New & Review, January 7 - February 14

    Celebrating Canada's 150th by showcasing new works by our Canadian contemporary artists and welcoming new artists.

  • Stefan Thompson, New Scratches, February 16-March 2

    Continuing experimentations with extreme limitations of ecofriendly materials such as wax, soot, eggs, recycled paper, and textiles.

  • Jeannie Pappas, Manifestation, March 5-26

    The latest body of work from Toronto based ceramicist Jeannie Pappas featuring whimsical figures.

  • Marney McDiarmid, Big Dreams, March 5-26

    Beautiful new functional and decorative works from Kingston based ceramicist, Marney McDiarmid.

  • Kelly Grace, Between Light And Shadow, April 12-30

    Inspired by film noir and Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, Grace explores film narratives, nostalgia, and personal memory.

  • Crystal Beshara, Songs Of The Sea, April 28 - May 20

    From verdant hillsides to barren windswept cliffs, Crystal Beshara’s newest works weave imagery between the real and the mystic.

  • Jay Dart, Meanwhile Back Over Yawnder, May 6-29

    A continuation of Jay Dart's artistic odyssey Field Guide to Yawnder first shown at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (2016).

  • Peter Colbert, In Plain Sight, June 10 - July 4

    Bold colour and simple gesture; Colbert abandons strict realism to capture his own personal experiences in thick impasto.

  • Marjolyn Van Der Hart, Vacationland, June 10 - July 4

    Toronto based artist, Marjolyn Van Der Hart explores Canadian midcentury history in shaping our identity.

  • Michelle Valberg, Nature Is Calling, June 15 - July 15

    Ottawa-based photographer Michelle Valberg showcases the beauty and wonder of Canada in celebration of its 150th.

  • Claire Desjardins, Summer Crush, July 19 - Aug 16

    In a collection of bright and colourful abstracts, Desjardins pays tribute to her favourite season, Summer.

  • Richard Ahnert, Far And Wide, September 9-21

    This body of work invokes the nostalgic romanticism of the wildlife and people that makes Canada home.

  • Chowaniec Projects, Stardust, September 13 - October 14

    This is the first interactive installation from Chowaniec Projects, exploring Canadian’s relationship and stewardship of the land.

  • David Lidbetter, Whiteout, September 23 - October 7

    Highly collected and sought after, Lidbetter's bold yet subtle paintings have been described as "contemporary feeling Group of Seven”.

  • Lori Richards, Breathing Space, October 14-30

    This collection comes from a search for that ineffable magic genius loci -- literally "the spirit of a place”.

  • Drew Mosley, A Rebellious Nature, November 4-26

    This work reveals what is at stake if we do not develop sustainable relationships with the natural environment and its inhabitants.

  • Tanya Kirouac, Excavations, November 18 - December 9

    Abstract landscapes emerge from lingering memories; impressions of places real or imagined

  • Peter Rotter, New Works, December 9 - January 7

    A new collection from Peter Rotter; depicting the Canadian landscapes he has spent his life surrounded by.

  • Elle Chae, For Us To Have Come This Far: So Much For My Happy Ending, March 3 - 27

  • Nava Waxman, Untitled Wall, May 12 - June 5

  • Mat Dubé, Land Locked, June 10 - 26

  • Stewart Jones, Urban Couture, June 10 - 26

  • Claire Desjardins, The Secrets We Keep, June 29 - July 20

  • Marney McDiarmid, The Garden Growing On Within Us, June 29 - July 20

  • Patti Normand, Canadian Gothic, October 13 - 30

  • Group Show, inPROCESS, November 10 - December 4

    Marianne Burlew
    Heidi Conrod
    Molly Mask