• Drift with Me Darling, January 6 - February 2

    Group show featuring our represented artists curated by Ava Margueritte.

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  • Brian Harvey | The Other Day, February 9 - March 4

    The latest solo-exhibition of Toronto-based painter Brian Harvey.

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  • Soft Bodies | Marianne Burlew & Brianna Gluszak, March 11 - April 4

    Working in their respective mediums, Burlew and Gluszak capture the vulnerabilities of social expectations and interactions in our contemporary world of digital communication.

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  • Vanessa McKernan, Revelation in the Garden, April 13 - May 6

    McKernan creates imagined spaces that encapsulate the tumultuous inner workings of the self and the fragility of relationships with the outer-world.

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  • David Lidbetter | Watercolour Collection, April 13 - May 6

    Wall Space Gallery is thrilled to feature a new collection of watercolour paintings fromDavid Lidebetter.

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  • Regrowth | Spring Earring Showcase, April 13 - May 6

    A Spring jewellery showcase featuring One-of-a-kind earrings designed by six of our talented jewellers.

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  • Peter Colbert, Life And Colour, February 5-26

    As we continue to navigate our ever-changing world, Peter Colbert presents Life and Colour, a celebration of joy, vibrancy, and optimism.

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  • Eryn O’Neill, Travelling Vicariously: The High Line, March 5-26

    Exhibition draws attention to the transformation of the New York Central Railroad system.

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  • Group Show, New Perspectives, April 7-30

    Works by Ian Busher, Elizabeth D’Agostino, Brian Harvey, Vanessa McKernan, Brandon McVittie, Patti Normand and Manny Trinh

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  • Nicole Allen, Second Nature, May 12-30

    Nicole Allen lights up Spring with a new body of floral works.

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  • Nate Nettleton, Bright Before Me, June 9-30

    Nate Nettleton presents his latest body of minimalist inspired bright abstract wall-sculptures.

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  • Florence Solis, Doppelgänger, June 9-30

    Florence Solis continues her exploration of the figure informed by digital design and traditional portraiture.

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  • Claire Desjardins, Ready To Exhale, July 7 - August 8

    Focusing mainly on her Exhale series, Ready to Exhale explores the emotional passage of losing a loved one.

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  • Group Show, Stopping Place, August 13 - 27

    Ariane Beauchamp, Laura Culic, and Boyd Waites address our ever-evolving connections to the natural world.

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  • Stanley Wany, Remix, September 10 - 29

    Stanley Wany explores collective memory and the ties between mass media entertainment.

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  • Drew Mosley, Deimatic Behaviour, October 8 - 27

    Mosley forms fantastical narratives inspired by the study of natural history, mycology, ancient civilizations and social evolution.

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  • Dauma, Creatures Of Habit, October 8 - 27

    Dauma explores nature as a metaphor for the human condition and the ways in which human and nature are interconnected.

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  • David Lidbetter, Far & Further, November 3 - 24

    Through his distinct approach to contemporary landscape, Lidbetter celebrates the calm of the Canadian wilderness.

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  • Marianne Chenard, FLOT, November 3 - 24

    Chenard presents a body of photographic and installation works exploring the agency and impermanence of the natural world.

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  • Group Exhibition: Origins & Futures, December 3-23

    Closing 2022 with a group exhibition featuring new works by Laurena Finéus, Yomi Orimoloye, and Ranajit Sinha.

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  • Group Show, Being Again, January 14-30

    Martin Hyde, Julie Liger-Belair, Ava Margueritte, Florence Solis, and Eryn O’Neill. Reinvention, metamorphosis, and letting go.

  • Nicole Allen, Treading Water, February 6-27

    Nicole Allen expresses ideas of interpersonal connection through the language of flowers.

  • Group Show, You’re On Mute, March 6 - April 6

    This exhibition features the work of Joanna Baxter, Marianne Burlew, Ava Margueritte, and Marney McDiarmid.

  • Group Show, River Variations, May 27 - June 19

    Collaborative exhibition from Vanessa McKernan and guest artist Julie Gladstone.

  • Sharon Kelly, Hello Happy, June 24 - July 17

    Sharon Kelly is an abstract landscape painter following her love of the ocean and a pursuit of peaceful painted expressions.

  • Richard Ahnert, Homebound, June 24 - July 17

    The latest collection of mesmerizing anthropomorphic paintings from Richard Ahnert.

  • Group Show, Celebrations Of Summer, August 3-28

    Peter Colbert, Elizabeth D’Agostino, Erica Hawkes, Tanya Kirouac, Lori Richards, Ava Roth, Dan Ryan, and Amy Shackleton.

  • Dominique Normand, Low Tide, September 10 - October 9

    Where we find the treasures, the trails, the scars, the bones and the drifting objects...

  • Michelle Valberg, Eye To Eye, October 14 - November 6

    This collection commemorates Michelle Valberg’s recent expeditions throughout the Canadian wilderness.

  • Julie Liger-Belair, The Man Who Thought He Was A Mountain (And Other Parables), November 18 - December 24

    An exuberant collage collection created by multi-disciplinary artist, Julie Liger-Belair.

  • Group Show, New Works, February 8 - 29

    A collaborative painting experience by Ottawa-artist Peter Colbert and Toronto-artist Dan Ryan.

  • Group Show, Alternative Process, March 5 - April 11

    Featuring work from artists Marianne Burlew (Ottawa), Joy Kardish (Ottawa), Nicole Krstin (Toronto), and Ava Roth (Toronto).

  • Nicole Allen, Renewal, April 18 - May 2

    Nicole Allen presents her latest solo exhibition of stunning florals, Renewal.

  • Group Show, Fieldnotes Pt. 1, May 16 - June 13

    Julie Himel and Stewart Jones present an intimate view of new work, formed from shared sparks of observation and dialogue.

  • Ian Busher, Eunoia, June 18 - July 18

    The newest collection of works by Toronto-based artist Ian Busher.

  • Eryn O’Neill, Ottawa Underground, June 18 - July 18

    Ottawa Underground is an exploration of the infrastructure within the LRT stations in the city.

  • Amy Shackleton, Futures, August 8-29

    Shackleton explores the conflicting relationships between humanity and the environment.

  • Claire Desjardins, Love, August 8-29

    Abstract expressionist painter Claire Desjardins works with bold colour and organic forms to create engaging canvases.

  • Sherry Czekus, Come As You Are, August 8-29

    Czekus emerges herself into bustling crowds to capture the intertwining patterns of fabric, limbs, and human behaviour.

  • Crystal Beshara, Country Roads, September 9 - October 3

    Returning to her rural roots has brought clarity and created a powerful shift in Crystal Beshara’s latest paintings.

  • Feature, Stefan Thompson, September 9 - October 3

    Thompson brings forth a clay menagerie of small and fantastical critters, as well as sculptures, and large paintings on paper

  • David Lidbetter, September 9 - October 3

    The latest body of work by artist David Lidbetter.

  • Group Show, Gathering, October 8-31

    Celebrating new works from artists Alex Chowaniec, Vanessa McKernan, Manny Trinh, and Stanley Wany

  • Nathalie Grice, OMENS, October 8-31

    Grice turns her attention to the mythology, symbolism, and her own experiences, surrounding birds.

  • Kelly Grace, Silver Lining, November 7-28

    Grace’s paintings might be described as close-up views of faraway feelings; they wander between memory and fiction.

  • Brian Harvey, You Had To Be There, November 7-28

    You Had To Be There speaks to the enduring struggle to communicate the nature of personal experience.

  • Patti Normand, Otherworldly, December 5-31

    This exhibition features new works across a variety of media, including ceramics and painting.

  • Tiffany April, When You Sense The Forest Breathing, December 5-31

    April expands on post-humanist theories and explores a layered symbiosis between humanity and the natural world.

  • Stewart Jones, Landscapes For Film, February 8-28

    This collection highlights the artists ability to capture the essence and geometry of a place, and gives a nod to the artist’s cinematic past.

  • Group Show, #Balanceforbetter, March 8-30

    Featuring Ariane Beauchamp, Alex Chowaniec, Sharon Kelly, Lori Richards, and Marjolyn Van Der Hart.

  • Nicole Allen, Hush, April 6-25

    Hush speaks to the unspoken conversations flowers hold as we carry them over the threshold of the home and into our lives.

  • Elle Chae, Must Be The Neighbours, April 11-27

    Exploring home as a vital, yet transitory place, which is defined by its occupants and their ordinary interactions.

  • Group Show, Painting Alternatives, April 22-30

    Stefan Thompson + Jordan Seal celebrate the environment and Earth Day 2019 with this feature show of new works.

  • Crystal Beshara, To The Waters And The Wild, May 9-26

    This collection brings oil and watercolours together with a feature of her inspired florals, seascapes, and wildlife explorations.

  • Marney McDiarmid, Euphorbia, May 15-29

    Marney McDiarmid will be presenting her latest series of functional dinnerware featuring botanical flights of fancy.

  • Group Show, Contemporary Clay: Quebec, May 15-29

    Surveying the innovation and creativity happening within the fields of ceramics and contemporary art in the province of Quebec.

  • Group Show, All Things Considered, June 1-15

    Featuring paintings from Richard Ahnert and glass sculpture, jewellery and installation from Silvia Taylor.

  • Group Show, The Great Big Wall Of Smalls, August 10-31

    A gargantuan salon-style wall featuring dozens of our talented Canadian contemporary artists.

  • Claire Desjardins, Basking In The Glow, September 7-28

    Working in painting, her work focuses on gesture and colour, emphasizing energetic, animated brush strokes and bold palettes

  • Group Show, Body Of Work, October 5-26

    Body of Work: Featuring new figurative works by Gosia, David Lidbetter, Vanessa McKernan, and Stan Wany

  • Drew Mosley, Hellocene/New Beginnings, November 2-23

    Mosley forms fantastical narratives inspired by the study of natural history, mycology, ancient civilizations and social evolution.

  • David Lidbetter, Out There, November 30 - December 14

    This collection speaks to the harmony between his desire to push the envelope for modern landscape painting.

  • Nicole Allen, FLORAgraphic, February 1-18

    In this body of work Nicole has set out to interpret the balanced but beautifully random patterns and colours of the floral still life.

  • Group Show, Rewind. Replay. March 1-31

    Olivia Johnston, Julie Himel, Patti Normand, Marney McDiarmid, Marjolyn Van Der Hart, Lori Richards, Drew Mosley, and more!  

  • Brian Harvey, Sense Of Place, April 26 - May 13

    This body of work captures scenes from Ottawa and Toronto, Canada, as well as depictions of France and Portugal.

  • Group Show, LINGER And LURE, May 11 - June 3

    Sharon Kelly and Crystal Beshara explore the sensory and atmospheric influences of bodies of water.

  • Peter Colbert, The Valley, June 14-30

    “The Valley”, the newest body of work by Ottawa artist, Peter Colbert featuring abstract and figurative paintings.

  • Brandon McVittie, Recollection, July 5-22

    Featuring allegorical compositions, classic landscapes, and nods to his accolades as a historical and wartime painter.

  • Group Show, X: Ten Year Anniversary, September 14-30

    Celebrating 10 years with a 10-artist group show centring on a cross-medium examination of contemporary artistic talent

  • Manny Trinh, SAIGONIA, October 13-31

    Trinh combines the multi-faceted components of what builds homes, communities, and families.

  • Olivia Johnston, TREASURES, October 13-31

    Johnston speaks to the cathartic and enduring effects collecting has had on her personal and artistic psyche.

  • David Lidbetter, Transience, November 2-18

    This collection seeks to further establish the artist’s expansive talents in capturing the quiet and transient nature of modern Canada.

  • Group Show, Coast To Coast, December 8-31

    Erica Hawkes and Dominique Normand celebrate some of the beautiful coastlines this country has to offer.

  • Patti Normand, Dark Water, December 8-31

    Featuring the artist's signature dioramas that weave together the safe-houses of everyday life a surreal underside.

  • Group Show, New & Review, January 7 - February 14

    Celebrating Canada's 150th by showcasing new works by our Canadian contemporary artists and welcoming new artists.

  • Stefan Thompson, New Scratches, February 16-March 2

    Continuing experimentations with extreme limitations of ecofriendly materials such as wax, soot, eggs, recycled paper, and textiles.

  • Jeannie Pappas, Manifestation, March 5-26

    The latest body of work from Toronto based ceramicist Jeannie Pappas featuring whimsical figures.

  • Marney McDiarmid, Big Dreams, March 5-26

    Beautiful new functional and decorative works from Kingston based ceramicist, Marney McDiarmid.

  • Kelly Grace, Between Light And Shadow, April 12-30

    Inspired by film noir and Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, Grace explores film narratives, nostalgia, and personal memory.

  • Crystal Beshara, Songs Of The Sea, April 28 - May 20

    From verdant hillsides to barren windswept cliffs, Crystal Beshara’s newest works weave imagery between the real and the mystic.

  • Jay Dart, Meanwhile Back Over Yawnder, May 6-29

    A continuation of Jay Dart's artistic odyssey Field Guide to Yawnder first shown at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (2016).

  • Peter Colbert, In Plain Sight, June 10 - July 4

    Bold colour and simple gesture; Colbert abandons strict realism to capture his own personal experiences in thick impasto.

  • Marjolyn Van Der Hart, Vacationland, June 10 - July 4

    Toronto based artist, Marjolyn Van Der Hart explores Canadian midcentury history in shaping our identity.

  • Michelle Valberg, Nature Is Calling, June 15 - July 15

    Ottawa-based photographer Michelle Valberg showcases the beauty and wonder of Canada in celebration of its 150th.

  • Claire Desjardins, Summer Crush, July 19 - Aug 16

    In a collection of bright and colourful abstracts, Desjardins pays tribute to her favourite season, Summer.

  • Richard Ahnert, Far And Wide, September 9-21

    This body of work invokes the nostalgic romanticism of the wildlife and people that makes Canada home.

  • Chowaniec Projects, Stardust, September 13 - October 14

    This is the first interactive installation from Chowaniec Projects, exploring Canadian’s relationship and stewardship of the land.

  • David Lidbetter, Whiteout, September 23 - October 7

    Highly collected and sought after, Lidbetter's bold yet subtle paintings have been described as "contemporary feeling Group of Seven”.

  • Lori Richards, Breathing Space, October 14-30

    This collection comes from a search for that ineffable magic genius loci -- literally "the spirit of a place”.

  • Drew Mosley, A Rebellious Nature, November 4-26

    This work reveals what is at stake if we do not develop sustainable relationships with the natural environment and its inhabitants.

  • Tanya Kirouac, Excavations, November 18 - December 9

    Abstract landscapes emerge from lingering memories; impressions of places real or imagined

  • Peter Rotter, New Works, December 9 - January 7

    A new collection from Peter Rotter; depicting the Canadian landscapes he has spent his life surrounded by.

  • Elle Chae, For Us To Have Come This Far: So Much For My Happy Ending, March 3 - 27

  • Nava Waxman, Untitled Wall, May 12 - June 5

  • Mat Dubé, Land Locked, June 10 - 26

  • Stewart Jones, Urban Couture, June 10 - 26

  • Claire Desjardins, The Secrets We Keep, June 29 - July 20

  • Marney McDiarmid, The Garden Growing On Within Us, June 29 - July 20

  • Patti Normand, Canadian Gothic, October 13 - 30

  • Group Show, inPROCESS, November 10 - December 4

    Marianne Burlew
    Heidi Conrod
    Molly Mask