Collection: Ava Roth


Ava Roth is a Toronto-based painter, embroiderer and mixed-media artist. Roth's current collection of encaustic sewings brings together the two seemingly irreconcilable mediums of encaustic painting and embroidery. Layers of wax, tissue paper and photography are laminated and bisected, then joined and connected by thread and wire. These paintings explore the tensions between permanent and temporary, solid and delicate, transparent and opaque. Roth uses natural and local materials whenever possible. Canadian beeswax, reclaimed Ontario barn wood, leather, linen and paper are hallmarks of her work.


  • Lake Grass, SOLD

  • Magnolia Leaf with Driftwood, SOLD

  • St Armand’s Paper Stack, SOLD

  • Porcupine Quills and Rose Quartz, SOLD