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    Immerse yourself in the world of Canadian art at our gallery. Explore a diverse collection featuring stunning works from local artists.

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    Experience the beauty of handcrafted jewellery, made locally in Canada.

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    Discover the latest exhibitions at our gallery and be part of Ottawa's vibrant art community.

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1090 Bank St, Ottawa ON @ the corner of Sunnyside Ave

Founded in 2004, WALL SPACE GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery located in the Old Ottawa South neighbourhood of Ottawa (Canada). Committed to thought-provoking and engaging exhibitions, the gallery represents both emerging and established Canadian artists working in traditional and new media.

Offering ART CONSULTATION, and CUSTOM FRAMING DESIGN, we help you curate a collection that reflects your aesthetic for your home or office.

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Framing Services

Custom Framing For Over 30 Years

Wall Space Framing has been providing Ottawa with great custom framing for over 30 years.  Family owned and lovingly operated, we demonstrate commitment and pride in our work. We hope this shows. 

Our approach has always been to provide superior design, service and quality at the best possible price. Our state of the art equipment is routinely upgraded and all our custom framing is done in house. We examine the quality of the materials available from all our suppliers and seek out an affordable price to pass the savings on to our clients. 

Custom Framing