WALL SPACE GALLERY is thrilled to announce our partnership with
BEING Studio!

BEING Studio is a diverse community of artists with developmental disabilities where artists have access to the space, the tools, and the representation to create and commercialize their visual art and creative writing. At WALL SPACE GALLERY, we are committed to exhibitions that represent both emerging and established Canadian artists working in traditional and new media.

With both visions aligning so well, our goal is to provide a greater community-based arts experience, which centres on inclusive and engaging exhibitions, events and great artistic initiatives.

WALL SPACE GALLERY will feature BEING Studio's artist of the month, carry their artists' greeting cards, and host events for BEING Studio.

  • Debbie Ratcliffe, A Blizzard of Different Dimensions

  • Ashley Hiscott, Blue Moon

  • Megan Donovan, Bull Werewolf in Forest

  • Mike Hinchcliff, Circle for a Sweater

  • Jessica Whitney, Cozy Tea

  • Ashley Hiscott, Hawaiian Chef

  • Mike Hinchcliff, Ice Flowers

  • Ben Bourgeois, Meowy Christmas

  • André Lanthier, The Bridge of the Ices

  • Ashley Hiscott, Wedding in New York