Peter Colbert | Life in Colour | February 5 - 26

Peter Colbert | Life in Colour | February 5 - 26

Peter Colbert | Life in Colour
Feb 5 - 26

Wall Space Gallery is proud to present Peter Colbert's solo exhibition Life and Colour, featuring a combination of expressionistic abstract and figurative works. Focusing on habitual activities of leisure and socializing, Colbert hones in on the ways in which we have individually and collectively supported one another through numerous moments of isolation. For many, inviting the Arts into their lives introduced a means of expression and connection. Through painting, dance, music, and culinary arts we connect to ourselves and others. As we mourned the loss of large social gatherings, we showed up for each other in intimate one-on-one walks in the woods, long bike rides, and talks around backyard bonfires.

Pastels, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 in, $4720, framed by Wall Space

Colbert, through emotive palettes and energetic mark-making, holds in place the spaces experienced throughout pandemic life; whether moments of enlightenment, creativity, or solace. There is an underlying optimism to Life and Colour, a celebration of community resilience and cherishing the small joys in life.

“This show represents another step in my journey as a fine artist. My studies in drawing people and colouring abstract shapes started with endless cartoon scribbles as a boy, endless life drawings, and applying layers of paint to canvas in interesting ways. Depending on the subject matter, or lack of subject matter, I adjust the way I apply the paint to the canvas, depending on the feelings I want to evoke. I like my paintings to speak for themselves, and while they make me feel one way, they can make others feel something entirely different, which is as it should be.” - Peter Colbert

City Crossing, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 24 in, $2300, framed by the artist


Peter Colbert is a graduate of Humber College holding a diploma in Graphic Design. He worked as a commercial artist before transitioning in 2006 to a full-time fine art career. His work has evolved over time, but has always involved a significant degree of experimentation with tools, techniques and media. Colbert lives and works in Ottawa with his family.

Summer Walk, acrylic on canvas, 18 x 36 in, $1680, framed by Wall Space


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