Collection: Erica Hawkes


Works by Erica Hawkes express a distinct West-Coast aesthetic in their vistas, luminous colours, and boldly contoured shapes. Hawkes fuses influences from 20th century art movements including Art Nouveau, Cubism, and the Group of Seven with her BC roots. Rolling mountains, billowing clouds and reflective expanses of water are captured as impressions for the viewer through the use of sharply angular, or elegantly sinuous, fields of colour. Hawkes' paintings emit their own inherent glow that immediately calls and holds our attention. 

Hawkes studied Art and Design at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, Colorado, finishing in Vancouver with a degree in Design. Over the last 20 years, she has worked in  book illustration, portraiture, art education, and photography. Hawkes strives to bring her passion for nature and the beauty that surrounds us into each work. 


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  • Colors of the Coast, SOLD

  • Rescued by the Night, SOLD

  • Warm Hearted, SOLD

  • Mystery in the Making, SOLD