Collection: David Lidbetter


To celebrate World Watercolour Month this July, David Lidbetter will donate 20% of proceeds from collecting a piece of his work. 

David Lidbetter developed an early appreciation for the Canadian wilderness. Highly collected and sought after, Lidbetter's bold yet subtle paintings have been described as "contemporary feeling Group of Seven scenes pared down to their essentials... mood seems more important than the actual details of forests, rivers and skies."

After many years of exploring various media and subject matter, Lidbetter has spent the last ten painting highly identifiable and unquestionably Canadian landscapes in oil. Lidbetter works close to his home and studio of Ottawa, Canada in areas like Temagami, Gatineau and Algonquin Park. It is no coincidence that his work is reminiscent to the vistas explored by other landscape painters like Tom Thomson and The Group of Seven.


  • ashes in the snow, SOLD

  • unfrozen, SOLD

  • nowhere, SOLD

  • low cloud, SOLD