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Ava Margueritte is a multidisciplinary artist based in Ottawa, Canada. Her work is informed by a life living with neurodiverse conditions that allow her to find beauty and meaning in the ordinary of everyday life. She uses photography, drawing and painting to express her emotional response to light and her surroundings, resulting in deeply personal and introspective imagery, with underlying themes of identity, time and impermanence.

Margueritte graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts majoring in conceptual photography, and a diploma from School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa. She has received a grant from the City of Ottawa and a grant from the Ontario Arts Council in 2022. Margueritte has also received several recognitions including The Marc Guertin Craftsmanship Award, for outstanding photographic craft from the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa, was shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival, and a finalist for the Project X Photography Award from the Ottawa Art Gallery, the Ottawa Arts Council and the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa. Her work is in the City of Ottawa’s permanent art collection, in private collections and has been exhibited nationally and internationally.


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  • The things that make me bossy., SOLD

  • Untitled 01, SOLD

  • Untitled [Ed. 1/25], SOLD

  • After All [Ed. 1/25], SOLD