David Lidbetter | New Watercolours

David Lidbetter | New Watercolours

David Lidbetter | New Watercolours
May 9 - 25 

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 18 @ 3 - 5 pm
RSVP your attendance to responses@wallspacegallery.ca

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Presales will open on Thursday, May 2nd at 10 am, online and over the phone. To view works in-person before the exhibition date please contact the gallery. To receive a preview catalogue of New Works by David Lidbetter contact info@wallspacegallery.ca to sign up for his VIP newsletter. 

Wall Space Gallery is proud to present the latest body of watercolours by Canadian landscape painter, David Lidbetter. Lidbetter captures the quiet isolation of the Canadian wilderness. Drawing inspiration from the Ottawa-Gatineau region, he transports us into familiar moments where atmosphere and mood dominate.

David Lidbetter,
 returning, mixed media on paper, 10 x 10 in. 

"The scenes that capture me are often the ones that would immediately be overlooked by others. Something usually catches my eye, such as a change of light or a strong contrast of colour and shapes. I look for inspiration in what may be considered bleak and desolate landscapes. A blanket of winter snow with a single bare tree silhouetted against a cold grey sky. A band of translucent, pale orange light breaking through a dark storm cloud over a frozen lake or a single autumn leaf left hanging after the first winter storm provides endless possibilities for dramatic paintings. By looking past what one might consider the more conventional beauty of nature, I attempt to illuminate the unexpected."

- David Lidbetter

We look forward to welcoming you to the opening reception on Saturday, May 18, celebrating the opening of David Lidbetter's feature and Kelly Grace's solo exhibition Graceland. 


Born in Hamilton in 1962, David Lidbetter developed an early appreciation for the Canadian wilderness. The time spent traveling with his family as a child through scenic provinces, along with an intensive art studio program in his formative teenage years, were the catalyst for his future painting career.

Lidbetter has spent the last decade painting highly identifiable and unquestionably Canadian landscapes. He works close to his home and studio in Aylmer, Canada in areas like Temagami, Gatineau and Algonquin Park. It is no coincidence that his work is reminiscent to the vistas explored by other landscape painters like Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. In fact, David’s work has been recognized as, “contemporary feeling Group of Seven scenes pared down to their essentials. [Where] mood seems more important than the actual details of forests, rivers and skies.” 

David has lived, exhibited, and been represented in the Ottawa area for over fifteen years. 

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