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Stanley Wany, Inwards

Stanley Wany, Inwards

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Wany’s comics are a wonderful disruption of such of balance throughout page and panels alike. make a certain narrative sense, as well the challenge atypical of many comics, a form often expected to continuum of visual problems and solutions. This is a direct impact on the next aspect, and the next, a influence on the next. Something drawn will have much like Wany’s comics, one part has a direct specifically designed around the artist’s habits and, in the work, it is created within a framework there is a level of surrealist improvisation involved regard would not do the work justice. While yes, must be noted that to make assumptions in this of ideas and a method of structuring the work. It which leans into the subconscious as both a source

Inwards refers in part to Wany’s method of working, yet still open to the same slow shifts in form. mix, directing the reader/viewer more explicitly, prepetition of panel configurations thrown into the and S equences work on the same logic, with the and on until a sense of unity is achieved. Agalma to solve, which is itself a visual problem, and on is drawn, a visual problem for the next element and even detailed sketches, are avoided. One element creation, while close planning, tight compositions, improvisation and exploration are central to their follow the same narrative and visual philosophies; a fundamental level, his comics and his art both as Wany’s exhibition. The reason for this is that, on they included together, and certainly not so easily setting (whether you agree with it or not), rarely are are becoming more and more common in a gallery is actually quite radical, even today.

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