Collection: Rachel Gray


Rachel Gray is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist based in Ottawa. She works in drawing, animation, painting, puppetry, podcasting, printmaking and comics. Her projects have been exhibited at City Hall Art Gallery (Ottawa), General Assembly (Ottawa), Blackhouse (Montreal), Tangled Arts + Disability (Toronto), and in the AIRIE Nest Gallery as part of a residency in the Everglades National Park (Florida). In 2020, Rachel completed her first graphic novel Jess, sections of which are available online.

Rachel has collaborated extensively with musicians, film makers, and dancers and her animations, writing, illustrations, costumes and puppets have been featured in films and productions including Witch Woman (2022), Today! (2019), Dreamscapes (2024) and Raccoon Opera (2024).

Rachel is a former Executive Director of BEING Studio, a community of artists with developmental disabilities and a founding member of Ghost Rooster, a disability arts collective at the intersection of dance, film and visual art.