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Fascinated by texture, Noelle holds credentials in both Craft and Fine Art. Beginning with an Advanced Diploma in Textiles (Sheridan College School of Craft and Design), then a BFA (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), she recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Costuming (Fanshawe College). Her work has represented Canada at the Cheongju International Craft Biennale*, Biennale Internationale Du Lin de Portneuf*, Quebec, and The International Lace Competition* (Power House Museum, Sydney). Represented by Lustre Gallery, she has shown in London, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo and nationally exhibited at Museum of Vancouver, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Durham Art Gallery, and Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. Permanent collections include Cambridge Art Gallery, City of Mississauga, Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives, Peel Board of Education, Japanese Paper Place and Cleveland University Hospitals.


Explore the impact of textiles and fashion on the planet's water quality — and what we can do about it — in a powerful, new, ROM-organized art installation by Canadian visual artist, Noelle Hamlyn.

Over twenty repurposed and retailored life jackets, hand-crafted by the artist from reclaimed and discarded garments, present a striking visual metaphor to draw attention to the current environmental crisis in the textiles and fashion industries. Each life jacket (or "lifer") tells a unique story, encouraging us to take a closer look at our own fashion consumption behaviours, and how they have the power to affect the health of water resources worldwide.

Stunning, large-format photography by Canadian photographer, Geoff Coombs, accompanies the installation, creating an immersive experience that pulls us into the narrative as we consider our legacy of clothing consumption and our ongoing relationship with the fashion industry.

Noelle Hamlyn: Lifers opens a complex and important conversation about climate change, and how fast fashion and rampant overconsumption are accelerating the crisis with each new season.

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