Collection: Julie Liger-Belair


For 20 years I’ve been making assemblage pieces and three dimensional collages in found or handmade frames and boxes. I create mixed media works using paint, wood, papier-mâché, polymer clay, metal and found objects.  They feature the cabinet photos, finding that these, in of themselves, evoke imagined histories and feelings of nostalgia.  Their serious and stern faces provide an ironic counterpoint to the humour and levity I try to inject into the work.  Alternatively, my pieces make evident a playful fascination with all forms of iconography, creating alter-pieces for everyday life, making sacred of the mundane. More recently, I’ve been working on larger pieces that combine painting and collage on wood cradle boards.


  • little parable no. 14, SOLD

  • little parable no. 5, SOLD

  • little parable no. 11, SOLD

  • the woman inside, SOLD