Collection: Jeannie Pappas


Jeannie Pappas’ works embody the conflicting psychological and emotional states that we experience. Adopting figurative sculpture, most often in clay porcelain with light washes of underglaze, Pappas evokes the tensions that persist between body and mind, playful and horrible, grotesque and endearing. Her figures are at once strange and familiar, personal and archetypal, inscrutable and intimate. In each case, the artist motions toward narrative, as if her strange creations are embroiled in some drama. Yet, this is suggestion only; the power of these artworks lies in our ability to write the story ourselves. While resolved as figures, the works of Jeannie Pappas remain pregnant with possibility, malleable to the activity of the viewer.


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  • Girl with Balls, SOLD

  • Red Hat, SOLD

  • Althea, SOLD

  • Woodland Scouts, SOLD