Collection: Gerald Penry


I studied fine arts for six years at The University of British Columbia, earning a BFA in 1995 and MFA in 1997 and receiving the Florence Muriel Smeltzer Scholarship for Painting in 1994. This period of intense creative training was a compatible interruption within a career in architecture -- about ten years as a draftsman aspiring to be an architect before and another fifteen years as an artist content with designing, sketching, rendering, detailing, and model making after. The highlight of my career in architecture has undoubtedly been a decade of employment (1995 – 2005) with Nick Milkovich Architects Inc. in association with preeminent Canadian architect Arthur Erickson; at that exceptional firm – a truly educational studio environment – I learned a uniquely sensitive approach to design and refined the skill of crafting beautiful architectural drawings. I applied my fine arts sensibilities to my work in architecture; my architectural tendencies certainly inform my creative process and production.


Graphic Standards and Architectural Anomalies Exhibition Catalogue