Collection: Lirical Jewellery by Brenda Wong


After graduating from the University of British Columbia with degrees in art history and  architecture, Brenda moved from her much loved community in Vancouver to Ottawa, and spent 20 years working on a diverse range of building projects - from the intimate details of house renovations to planning large expansive spaces in art galleries and museums.

The journey from architect to jewellery maker was by chance and opportunity, and a natural transition from one creative path to another. Designing and making jewellery for herself was a pastime, but when her unique, eye catching pieces began to be noticed by those around her, she channelled her love of fashion and design by launching her jewellery collection Lirical, in 2006.

With an architect’s visual sensibility of turning conceptual design into tangible forms, Brenda’s exquisite jewellery is inspired by the inherent beauty of her materials - organic textures and shapes of semi-precious stones and pearls, with accents of silver, gold and oxidized metals.  Meticulously handcrafted, each piece is thoughtfully executed with attentive detail, creating a signature style that is elegant, contemporary, and timeless.