Collection: Alexandra Temple


Alexandra Temple discovered her creativity and artistic tendency in 1999 when she signed up for a Decorative Candles course that took place in Lima’s Art Museum. At the same time, she took classes on non-fired ceramic glaze techniques (1999 to 2001), and she complemented her art studies by specializing in aluminum repoussage. Alexandra also took painting and decoupage classes. Later on, she dedicated herself to creating utilitarian art using wood and resin. In 2002, Alexandra attended a course in fused glass jewellery in her quest to further extend her knowledge of the arts. That was the moment she started designing jewellery using 925 silver applications.

Alexandra is always seeking specialization and knowledge by attending complementary jewellery designing courses. She participated in the Peruvian 8th National Silver Contest in 2005, in the categories of jewellery and goldsmith’s art. In the near future, she will be applying her silver jewellery knowledge to other metals such as gold and platinum as well as broadening her repertoire to include precious stones.