Kelly Grace | Grace Land

Kelly Grace | Grace Land

Kelly Grace | Grace Land
May 9 - 25

Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 18 @ 3 - 5 pm
Artist Talk: TBD
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Wall Space Gallery is proud to present Toronto-based painter Kelly Grace's latest solo exhibition, Grace Land. Grace creates cinematic worlds infused with vintage style and mysterious narratives of adventure that ask her viewers to suspend their sense of reality. 

                         Receptionist by Day, mixed media on panel, 16 x 20 in. 

Throughout this upcoming body of works, Grace points directly to our cultural fascination with the capability of film and television to transport us to a completely 'other' time and place. Media productions' end-goal of full immersion, is a quality that inspires Grace in the creation of her own oeuvres, as she stages many of the scenes from which she paints using vintage props, clothing, and models who she styles herself. 

Grace Land brings strong female figures to the forefront, actively counteracting the traditional roles attributed to women in the era of the 1950s. Grace builds up layer upon layer of paint, working back into and removing layers until her figures exist in teal atmospheres that feel weathered with time. Though her works feel like aged polaroids, they maintain crisply contemporary undertones - giving Grace the space to envision narratives beyond the sociocultural structures of her beloved era's past.

Wall Space looks forward to welcoming you to the opening reception on Saturday, May 18 @ 3 - 5 pm. The artist will be in attendance. 


Kelly Grace is an established artist living and working in Toronto, ON. She was born in Toronto in the 70s, and raised in the rural area of Stouffville, Ontario. Growing up, Kelly was surrounded by creative influences. She pursued arts training at Sheridan College in Oakville where she studied Interpretive Illustration for three years and developed her style of acrylic painting.

As an artist, Kelly Grace's main goal is to make an impression. She uses painting as her way of interpreting and sharing with the world the beauty that she always sees on a daily basis. If she can convey this beauty accurately to the viewer then she has succeeded. If Kelly's work resonates and stays with a person after they have seen it then she has done her job. As her work is about memories and nostalgia, Kelly hopes that it embodies this timeless feeling of escape and preservation.

Kelly Grace’s works are found in residential and corporate collections nationally and internationally. 

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