Introducing Gerald Penry to Wall Space Gallery

Introducing Gerald Penry to Wall Space Gallery

Wall Space Gallery is thrilled to introduce painter Gerald Penry to the gallery.

Gerald holds a BFA and MFA from The University of British Columbia. With a career in architecture, he has applied his fine arts sensibilities to his work; and his architectural tendencies certainly inform his creative process and production.

“Although I have several series to which I return as I am compelled, my most enduring has been Chimerical Places. I contrived this quirky title in 1999 to describe a great volume of architectural drawings that were bestowed upon me, mostly via fax, by their author gradually over a period of about ten years. Like the adjective describes, these 'chimerical' sketches, as I received them, are simple delineations of imaginary, highly unrealistic structures, though some do seem to reference notable works of architecture. Using these drawings as frameworks for exploring elements of art, such as colour, rhythm, texture, etc., my objective is to create pictures that challenge perceptions of the representation of objects on a two dimensional plane.”

Pieces available here.

“Chimerical Places Three: ChPl III - 28”, acrylic on canvas on fir stretcher. 18 1/8 x 23 1/8 in.
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