Amy Shackleton | Imagined Futures

Amy Shackleton | Imagined Futures

Twilight Shift (Toronto + Arizona + Lake Louise), acrylic on canvas, 45 x 45 in. 

Amy Shackleton | Imagined Futures
July 15 - Aug 5

Saturday, July 15 @ 3 - 5 pm
Artist Talk: July 15 @ 3:30 pm
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Amy Shackleton will be presenting her newest body of innovative drip paintings depicting hybrid spaces from locations around Toronto, Lake Louise, Colorado, Arizona, California, Chicago and Hawaii. Shackleton’s landscapes exist between dystopias and utopias, with natural overgrowth and waterways combining with or overtaking human-made architecture.

Delicate Balance (Chicago), acrylic on canvas, 30 x 45 in. Sold

Shackleton's compositions and colour palettes create simultaneously unsettling and picturesque atmospheres. This tension mirrors her combined feelings of concern for our planet's future and optimism for collaborative paths forward with nature. In her process, Shackleton uses squeeze bottles in order to reduce her environmental impact and instead work with gravity as a creative partner. Her use of drips, rotation of the canvas, and spray bottles opens the door to the unexpected, as flows of paint organically pool and spread. 

Into the Black (Toronto + Kootenay National Park), acrylic on canvas, 35 x 50 in, $6200

"My paintings portray hypothetical futures that explore the relationship between nature and the city. Drawing inspiration from my global travels, I merge imagery from multiple locations into a single scene, creating unexpected compositions. By integrating natural elements, such as trees, mountains, and bodies of water, with man-made structures, like skyscrapers, bridges, and highways, I invite viewers to contemplate the intricate ways in which the urban and natural worlds can coexist and interact." 
- Amy Shackleton


Amy Shackleton is a professional visual artist – a skilled urban landscape painter with an inventive technique embracing gravity. Her background includes a Fine Arts Honours Degree from York University (Toronto, ON), an extensive exhibition history, including a 2017/18 National Tour exhibiting her 53-foot interpretive panorama of Canada, and paintings displayed in hundreds of private and public collections, including THE MUSEUM, Colart Collection, Facebook Canada, and the University of Cincinnati. She works from her studio in Oshawa, Ontario. 

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